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- Question 21
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Can this priest be recognized as a Cursillista?


Recently I was on team for a Cursillo Weekend which included a Spiritual Director (a priest in this case) who had never done a Cursillo Weekend. In effect he was both a candidate and a team member on this weekend. He was awesome and demonstrated his close personal encounter with Christ both through his actions and his rollo’s on the weekend.
He touched many hearts, counselled many fears, and sustained the team. He also was touched by the individual sharing, the experiences of the team members and the emotions of the candidates.
At the end of the weekend we, the rectora and assistant, wanted to present him with his Cursillo cross and recognize him as a cursillista with all the other candidates. However, there were a couple of members of team who were opposed to this so we have delayed the presentation and are praying about it while we seek clarification. There is a split within our secretariat regarding this as well.
Most of us have the opinion that this priest has indeed lived a Cursillo weekend. The fact that he did “double duty” we feel is irrelevant and we are not sure how he could have any closer encounter with Christ by coming back as a would be redundant.
What are your thoughts on the matter and is there anything stated regarding this type of situation?
Carol Ann Mason


There is nothing stated in “The Fundamental Ideas of the Cursillo Movement” regarding this type of situation but according to the responsible of our School of Leaders, there is no doubt that this priest is a cursillista.

Anyone who participates in the team (even if he has not previously made his Cursillo: what should be a case of extreme emergency), and assuming he did not only give a rollo or conducted a specific task but was fully invested in the experience can be rightly considered to have made his Cursillo, even if he has not gone through the usual process.

The factor to consider is not the application form or the original intent but the fact of experiencing the three day cursillo. Even if someone had come to the weekend with a motivation more or less adequate, with hesitation, as a result of any pressure or curiosity, he will be presented with his Cursillo cross and be recognized as a cursillista providing he has lived his three day Cursillo experience. Of course this is not the case for priests who attend the weekend only to help give the sacrament of forgiveness and who do nothing else.

The way you describe the situation, it seems obvious that “this priest has indeed lived a Cursillo weekend”, and you are right to conclude that “the fact that he did “double duty” we feel is irrelevant and we are not sure how he could have any closer encounter with Christ by coming back as a candidate…it would be redundant”. There is no need for this priest to restart his weekend as a candidate to be recognized as a cursillista. And therefore, as a cursillista, he is entitled to receive his cross like all others.