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What is the Goal of the Movement?

The Cursillo Movement (CM) has as its goal to share with the community the essence of Christianity and Christian values and in this way gradually transform the community from within. This is the natural extension of the life-changing experience of the Cursillo weekend and is wholly dependent on the example and energy of individual cursillistas and their desire to work together.

John-Paul II reminded us this objective at the Italian national Ultreya, November 24, 1990 :

"Here is your role in the Church : to create clusters of believers who will carry the message of salvation everywhere, showing the seriousness of your opinion not by imposing it, but by a strong testimony".

To become catalysts in the evangelization of society

fermentation du levain dans la pâte tranche de pain

To convey its objective, the CM uses the expression "leavening society with the gospel".

The expression comes from Jesus's parable:"The kingdom of heaven is like the yeast a woman took and mixed in with three measures of flour till it was leavened all through" (Matt. xiii, 33)

Leaven is a substance added to dough to produce fermentation. By its inner reaction, it makes the gas that blows the bubbles in the bread.

And such should be the transforming influence of cursillistas. By their lives and commitment, they are the catalysts who can transform communities


Personal conversion

The CM invites christians to build a world, founded on the rock of love and friendship. But evangelization has to come from within, based on the strength and energy of personal conversion

Given this emphasis on the importance of personal conversion, it is therefore necessary that cursillistas experience first hand what lies at the heart of Christianity, that is, the reality of God’s love for us.

This experience begins at the Cursillo weekend in a profound and personal way. Subsequently, group meetings help to take this experience to another, deeper level which is life in a Christian community  

In light of the preceding, therefore, the CM defines itself as follows:

"The CM is a movement within the Church which offers the essential individual and group experiences which are the basis of Christian life. The ultimate goal of these experiences is:

  • to help Christians discover and put into practice their personal callings;
  • and working with others, to become catalysts in the evangelization of society as a whole."