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What is the limit of Candidates for a 3-Day Cursillo?


What is the limit of Candidates for a 3-Day Cursillo? thanks, Adele Dominguez


We know of no specific regulation on this topic but the number of candidates is not only in terms of accommodation capacity , rather it is based on a tradition that exists on this subject

What tradition says about the minimum is this: in order to ensure a climate of complete freedom, the number of candidates should not be less than that of the team (for example, if there are only seven candidates, we must reduce the team to 7 and give two rollos to some members of the team).

The maximum was fixed after experiencing cursillos with large groups: up to 45 and even 60 candidates. It was found that, for efficiency and attention to each person, it would have been much better to give 2 Cursillos of 25 to 30 candidates each instead of a large one, even if it meant using the same team twice.

Thus, within the MCFC, the tradition leads us to see the number 25 to 30 candidates as an ideal number.