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- Question 13

What is an Aggiornamento?

fenêtreThe word Aggiornamento is an Italian word (in contrast to other words used in the CM which are in spanish). It is derived from the word giorno which means day.  Aggiornamento, in Italian, means to bring up to date. 

The word has been made popular by Pope John XXIII who wanted an Aggiornamento for the whole church, at the council.

At the MCFC, it is the name given to a form of training which brings up to date the knowledge and progression of cursillistas.  

It is a two day weekend for those who have already experienced the Cursillo.

The Aggiornamento, as a means of training, is not  used throughout the CM; it is found only whitin the MCFC, in most dioceses. Its contents and method can vary from one diocese to another. Generally there are two types : the Aggiornamento for couples, which, as its name implies, deals with the relationship of couples, and the individual Aggiornamento, which deals with a particular theme and can change from one year to the next. These are very rewarding weekends which stimulate cursillistas to go forward in their conversion and their apostolic action.

Note : In a few dioceses of the MCFC, the Aggiornamento is replaced by another and similar form of training which is called "Cursillo of the 4th day" or "Emmaus", of three days duration like the original cursillo.