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Who is eligible for the Cursillo?

...  What about You ?..

emmaus_fraction du painThe Cursillo is for all those who want to look seriously at themselves and their lives, their relationship with other people and their relationship with God.

 It is open to persons from any walk of life, man or woman, married or single. The Cursillo was conceived especially for the laity, but priests and other in holy orders are also welcome. For those who are married, it is preferable (but not necessary) that husband and wife be willing to participate because it is an experience that is worth sharing between partners.  It is important to emphasize that the Cursillo is not only for churchgoers. Church attendance is not a prerequisite.

Any normal, mature person, willing and able to accept the Gospel message and to serve the community may live the Cursillo experience.

However, you should know... 

rayonnement de l'amour du Christ ... that the Cursillo experience is not destined for everyone.

For example, the Cursillo weekend is not intended  resolve psychological or emotional problems.  The Cursillo team is not specialized in counseling nor in group therapy.

For those who have problems to settle or are going through a difficult phase in their lives (e.g.: a recent separation) it is preferable that they seek emotional stability before taking part in a Cursillo. Only then could they really benefit the experience.

The same advice applies to those who have alcohol, drug or depression problems. The Cursillo is not the proper solution to their problems. Other organizations are in place that specialize in treating such problems.

The ones we really want...

"Priez le maître de la moisson..." There is also the category of persons who "should" experience the Cursillo. 

     Inviting someone to experience a Cursillo is not simply offering a present to someone we love. This goes beyond the person and involves all those touched by his or her life. The ultimate aim of the Cursillo Movement is to change society through the power of Christian witness.

The "Fundamental Ideas of the Cursillo Movement" invites us to seek out key persons in the various communities to be evangelize.

The ideal candidate for a Cursillo is the person that shows qualities of leadership, who is influential in his milieu; a person whose ideas carry weight, whose decisions and attitudes have an impact on society. 

The ideal candidate refuses to live a mediocre life and wishes to build a more human and fraternal world.

Such a candidate is sociable, capable of working within a team, responsible, generous and solicitous for others and the world.  

( see Fundamental Ideals....# 221 - 226

The Cursillistas who sponsor a candidate must keep in mind that the christianization of the community is the main objective and that this often means having recourse to persons who are already influential.

Eduardo Bonnin, the main founder of the Cursillo Movement, often dwelt on the fact that such qualities can be found in one "who seems far from God and the Church". Such a person could have the makings of a true Christian leader. Many of our young people today fit into that category. The Cursillo Movement, by its very nature, thrives on action and will always need the dynamic presence of the newly converted and the young people. Following a Cursillo, they are often eager to get involved. They are the "Saint Pauls" of our times.

However, this being said about the "ideal candidate", in searching for natural leaders, the Cursillo Movement does not intend to cater only to the elite. The Cursillo is open to all.  God sees potential in people, where we do not.