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Cursillo Movement
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The Cursillo Movement in France

Historical Overview



The first Cursillo in France was held in Perpignan in the Pyrenees-Orientales, at the request of the bishop himself. It was led by a team from Gerona, Spain, from 25 to 28 August 1961 (see review "Tripode" Venezuela, # 1, p.27, # 17, p.25), but this Cursillo has had no follow-up


In Vietnamese

In 1993, the Cursillo resurfaced in Paris in a Vietnamese community. It was followed by annual Cursillos giving birth to a movement, very dynamic. After 26 Cursillo weekends in Vietnamese in the Paris region, there are now (in 2010) about 1000 Vietnamese cursillistas in France. Worth mentionning, this same Vietnamese community of France is now working to implement the Cursillo Movement among the Vietnamese Diaspora of Germany. On August 27-28 2010, a first cursillo weekend was given in Vietnamese in Stuttgart, Germany.

Website : Phong trào Cursillo ngành Việt Nam tại châu Âu


In Spanish

In May 2001, cursillistas from Spain came to Paris to give a first Cursillo to the Hispanics living in Paris. A few more cursillo weekends were given to the Hispanic community and then, together with the Vietnamese cursillistas, they decided to give one in the French language. They asked for help from the Francophone Cursillo Movement of Canada. Since May 2001,almost thirty Cursillo were given in Spanish for Spanish nationals in Paris and vicinity.

Upcoming cursillo in Spanish:


In French

Participants au 1er cursillo français en 2003

On June 6-9, 2003, the first French-speaking Cursillo in Paris was held at the Prieuré St-Benoît des Sœurs Bénédictines located near the great Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Montmartre. It was a co-ed cursillo with eleven candidates. The Rectors were Normand Laurin and his wife Johanne, from Quebec, and the Spiritual Advisor was Father Luc Lafond, also from Quebec, assisted by Father Jordi Girau, from Madrid. Among the team members were cursillistas from Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg and Vietnamese living in Paris (See the photo of the participants, right. Click to enlarge)

In various occasions and in various ways, the MCFC helped with the establishment of the Cursillo Movement in France. However this implementation of Cursillo in France is sponsored primarily by the MCC of Madrid. Since 2003 about fortnight cursillo weekends in French were given.

Upcoming cursillos in French:

-february 2019



Jhonny Bueno is the new head of the Cursillo Movement in Paris for the French and Spanish community since December 2016. He succeeds Gustavo Vera.
Contact :

The chairman of the MCFC committee helping with the expansion of the Cursillo Movement in the Francophonie, ("CEI-MCFC": Comité pour l'expansion internationale - Mouvement des Cursillos Francophones du Canada) is:
Huguette Duclos Tél : (514) 352-0048 )

CCM Vietnamese representative in Paris: Pierre HUYNH. Alternative contact: Duc Tran


Current Events

We have no current news - and hoping to get some - about the Vietnamese Cursillo community in Paris.

The hispanophone cursillistas in France form a small active community. They meet every fortnight in the parish of St. Pierre de Chaillot in Paris, to share their faith and their love of Christ, in a joyful atmosphere of sincere friendship. The Group Reunion structure has not yet been put up, but the Community leaders are looking forward to improve not only the "cursillo" but the "precursillo" and "postcursillo" as well.

As for the French Cursillo Movement in France, its implementation is "slowly but surely". The Cursillo community in Paris is mostly made up of Latinos, as they are still experiencing some difficulties with the recruitment of French candidates.