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Cursillo Movement
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The Cursillo Movement in Benin


Historical Overview

Antoine Chikou, fondateur du MCC au Bénin

Antoine CHIKOU

localisation du Bénin: en Afrique de l'Ouest

Located in Western Africa, BENIN has a common border with Togo (west), Nigeria (east) Burkina Faso and Niger (north)


Carte du Bénin


The introduction of the Cursillo Movement in French Western Africa is due to Antoine Chikou, from Benin, who, having experienced the Cursillo Weekend while studying in Belgium, was eager to start the Movement in his country. The Belgium Cursillo Chairperson introduced him to Father Loyola Gagné, s.s.s., National Secretary of the Francophone Cursillo Movement of Canada who was also part of the "CEI-MCFC", a spectial committee put forth to help with the expansion of the Cursillo Movement in the Francophonie.

The CEI Committee immediately got involved. The First cursillo in French in Western Africa took place in the Archdiocese of Cotonou on december 4-7, 2003. (N.B. It is known as the first in Cotonou but to be more precise the exact location of this weekend happened to be outside of Cotonou, at Saint Paul de Honton Parish in the adjacent diocese of Lokossa, due to some last minute difficulty. However since its organization came from Cotonou, and the Lokossa diocese is part of the Archdiocese of Cotonou, it is rightly called the first of Cotonou)

Team members of this first cursillo were: Antoine Chikou (Benin) rector; Yves Méthot (Canada) vice rector; Jean-Pierre Gingras (Canada) assistant; Fr Germain Grenon msa (Canada) spiritual advisor; Fr Germain Kitcho (Benin) spiritual advisor assistant; Mimi Barette et Pierre Debatty (Belgium) rollists.

depart pour le 2e cursillo de CotonouAmong the candidates were 3 Congolese, 1 Cameroonian and 1 Togolese (the latter was later to participate actively in the implementation of the Cursillo Movement in his country).

Three years later, the Cursillo Movement had already spread to four other dioceses: the Diocese of Abomey in Benin, and three dioceses in the neighboring country Togo.

Departure from the P.-E. Trudeau Montreal Airport of a second MCFC Team, on August 2004.
Surrounded by members of the CEI committee, Germain Grenon, ssa, Glothilde Fortier, Huguette Duclos, Yolande Samsom and Huguette Gagnon are leaving Canada to conduct the 2d cursillo in Cotonou, Benin.


Current Events

The Cursillo Movement is currently located in two dioceses in Benin: the Archdiocese of Cotonou and the Diocese of Abomey.

Archdiocese of Cotonou



Diocesan leaders:


Spiritual Advisor:



Diocese of Abomey



Diocesan leaders:


Spiritual Advisor:



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Au Bénin, du 4 au 6 décembre 2003.



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